happy valentine’s day, friends!

last night, we had an awesomely girly night.  we drank red wine.  we ranted about the frustrations in our lives, and then drank a little more red wine.  then we made a FABULOUS chocolate cake with pink frosting and chocolate chips.  then we watched 27 Dresses.  and oogled over James Marsden and his dreaminess.

27 Dresses

i know.  super girly.

but friends, that cake we made–it has a secret.  a delicious pink secret.  there are BEETS in it!  don’t be weird-ed out, be awesome-d out.  beets are delicious and healthy and it makes eating chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting feel gloriously guilt-free.

where on EARTH did we get such a crazy idea for a cake from?  from Joy the Baker, of course!  Joy writes one of our absolute favorite cooking blogs.  we feel like she is one of our best friends, and we had to share her recipe (and our recreation of it) with you.  see how much we love you?

spread the love.  go make this cake for your valentine, or your bff, or just for yourself.  it’s wonderful, just like you!