When life is moving at a break-neck speed, you’re stressed out at work or trying to find a job, when the laundry isn’t done and the ants keep finding your kitchen floor, when friends are in town only for one weekend…that’s when I say to heck with moderation.

Mimosa Toast

Let’s go all out. Life is just too short for always playing by the rules. Of course, it’s US we’re talking about here. Our idea of indulging and rule-chucking is, well, unique.

After a rather trying week for both of us, we needed some serious R&R. The picture above is good evidence of this. My eyes are closed, and Katie is in the middle of saying something snarky. Rough week. So what do we do after weeks such as these?

…what do you think?! (Buckle in. Food coma imminent.)

Thank goodness Supper Club was scheduled for this weekend, because we weren’t the only ones ready to go all out in the kitchen. And it was the most highly anticipated Supper Club yet: BRUNCH.

Jillian's Swedish Kringler

This is Brunch Club all-star Jillian. She might be a 3L on the cusp of graduating and taking the bar, but she pulled out all the stops with this traditional Swedish Almond Kringler. Took it to a whole other level by presenting it on her grandmother’s kringler plate and doily. Heaven.

Gracie's Asparagus-Bacon Frittata Cups

Another one of the lovely contributors was Gracie, holding her asparagus-bacon frittata cups. Do we really need to say anything else about that? ASPARAGUS. BACON. FRITTATA. CUPS. Seriously, people.

Breakfast Pizza + Cinnamon Roll Biscuits

Our humble input was a breakfast pizza (which I will be making every Sunday for the rest of my life) and super indulgent cinnamon roll biscuits with cream cheese glaze.

Our other fabulous friends contributed fresh fruit skewers, homefries, cream cheese french toast bake, and chocolate covered bourbon cherries (guh). All washed down with mimosas and coffee and inappropriately loud conversation for 11am on a Sunday.

The Spread. See what I mean about imminent food coma? Right. So we ate.


And ate.


Until we were all pushed away from the table talking about naps. Moderation had no place at this most recent Supper Club. And it felt so right.

So today we’ll share with you our more daring recipe, a truly fantastic Breakfast Pizza. Think it sounds weird? Take a leap of faith and make it. Chuck the rules out the window. Wear your eating pants. You can go back to being moderate tomorrow.

breakfast pizza nomnomnom

Breakfast Pizza
Adapted from Smitten Kitchen

Dough for 1 12-inch crust*
3 strips bacon
1 cup grated parmesean
1 cup freshly shredded mozzarella
4 eggs
1/4 cup scallions, chopped
2 tablespoons flat leaf parsley, chopped
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 medium shallot or 2 cloves garlic, optional
ground black pepper to taste

*There is a story behind what happened with our pizza crust. It got ugly. Long story short, this delicious whole wheat pizza crust would work wonderfully, or you can do what we did, and buy a last-resort pre-made dough ball from the local grocery store. It happens, it’s totally ok.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit. If using a pizza stone, place stone in oven and heat up while the oven pre-heats.

Cook bacon until crispy in a skillet and set aside. While the bacon is cooking, grate your mozzarella and chop the scallions and parsley and prep the cherry tomatoes. If you like, chop up some garlic or a shallot. Once the bacon has cooled, chop coarsely.

Stretch and roll your pizza dough to desired thinness. Sprinkled about half the scallions, bacon, tomatoes, parsley, and cheese on the dough. Crack all eggs right onto the dough – raw! Just like that! They’ll get cooked up perfectly in the oven. Sprinkle remaining toppings and cheese on top.

Place pizza on pizza stone or greased baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes or until the yokes have mostly set and the cheese is golden brown. Don’t be afraid of a slightly runny yoke – think of it as eggs over easy, on your pizza! Super awesome! Let the pizza sit for 5 minutes before cutting and serving. Enjoy the indulgence!

peace love and pizza crust,
annie and katie